Wow it must be some real bad artblock if I resort to doodling chibis. =(


Wow it must be some real bad artblock if I resort to doodling chibis. =(

I will never pass for a perfect bride. Or a perfect daughter.

When I see this, I think of my friends who say they’re ugly. Or wish they could be cute, or pretty, or beautiful, or attractive in any way.  They’re Mulan right here. Bitches shut the fuck up okay. I wish you could see how fucking amazing you are. Look at her without her makeup on and her hair down. She doesn’t need all that shit. She’s upset because she doesn’t think she’s a perfect bride or daughter and all that garbage. Just because you don’t step in-time perfectly with all those other girls (or guys) lined up in a row, doesn’t mean you’re not perfect. Just because you don’t impress a stupid matchmaker society, doesn’t mean you aren’t fucking perfection. MULAN GET A FUCKING MIRROR. YOU’RE A 10/10, QUIT THE ANXIOUS HAIR PULLING. Did you guys watch Mulan? Did you see that whole matchmaker scene? That shit was hilarious. Like the tea spilling? And the ink mustache thing? Classic. Mulan sure felt like a fuckup at the time but in retrospect, she was actually really cute and clumsy and quirky and just being herself. Besides, it was mostly the damn cricket. Anyways, try to apply that whole matchmaker disaster to situations where you feel like a fuckup. And if it wasn’t for all of that happening she wouldn’t have gone on to save China. She would have been a cute little bride for some guy and that would have been shitty movie. What I’m trying to say is you’re all beautiful in you’re own ways, even when you don’t realize it. You have no idea what you’re capable of and I cannot stress how amazing I think you all are. So next time you want to think you’re awkward and ugly and not good enough, SHUT THE FUCK UP MULAN I LOVE YOU.
*mic drop*

Gorillaz vs. The Killers - Somebody Told Me vs. Feel Good Inc
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Gorillaz vs. The Killers - Somebody Told Me vs. Feel Good Inc 


This is the greatest thing



this is perfect in every way



So I was supposed to do this when I hit 5,000 followers and so on and so fourth but I haven’t had the chance to actually do something special for my followers so here it is (Forgive me for my lack of doing anything ;A;) But I’ve managed to put enough aside to give something back to the lovely people who have been with me for so long! Admittedly this is also my attempt at welcoming the people who have come to this blog and my thank you for being the sweethearts you all have been!


  1. Must be following me (I will be checking!!!)
  2. Reblogs and likes count as entry and you can reblog as many times as you wish, but remember to be kind to your followers!
  3. Giveaway blogs aren’t particularly favourable I’m afraid
  4. Shipping available everywhere just as long as you’re comfortable giving me your address
  5. End date will be the 3rd of July (NZ timezone)
  6. Annnd of course this has to get a decent amount of notes!

*~*What’s up for grabs*~*

  1. Anything under $35 from Brave store OR anything under $35 from Syndrome!
  2. Any pair of contacts from pinkyparadise $25 and under!
  3. A binder in black, grey or white by whatwears

The winner will be chosen through a randomiser, I’ll contact whoever wins and we can talk things out from there. Good luck and I hope you all have a wonderful time!




Media—comics, film, literature, video games—exist for us to find our own meaning and value in it. Especially mutants, which are a super powerful and accessible metaphor for nearly anyone who has ever felt maligned for reasons beyond their control.